Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Met Penelope Trunk! And she is the friendliest "antisocial" blogger-turned-book-author you'll ever meet.

Look her up here: http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/

I stumbled upon her blog about two weeks ago. Then, Monday, my friend Jenn pointed out that Penelope was visiting Tampa within a few hours for a book signing.

A number of people have complained about the fact that Penelope, who has ultimately achieved success by offering financial and career-related advice, has herself experienced plenty of difficulty in those very areas on her way up. I think her honesty is refreshing and inspiring, and I love her counter-intuitive (yet well-researched) advice. Just a few of my favorite items from Penelope Trunk:

You can put a number on happiness. It's a $40,000 annual salary.    (?!?!)

Perfectionism is completely at odds with achieving perfection.

Exercise boosts your IQ.

Also, she's funny. For more, you want to visit her website or blog, or buy her book! http://penelopetrunk.com/

What else can I tell you?

Well, I am really loving a new painting I've done in pastel.

This is a portrait of a house, rather than a person, but I feel like this house has all the personality of a human being.

I love how the trees' shadows work their way over everything. It unites every part of the picture.

And the composition pleases me, with its zigzagging lines drawing the eye all over the page. I can't wait to paint more homescapes!

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Kelly Versaggi said...

Hey Elise! I love the video on the top of the page. it really grabs ur attention fast. Good stuff. This painting of the house is amazing! I have to say it looks very very, real. almost touchable. But i am not a member of photobucket so i can't click ur images to make them bigger. a way to let everyone see ur paintings and not just photobucket members is to sign in on ur blog. go to New Post and there will be options like font, spelling, etc. You can click on the image icon right next to the spelling icon and browes for the images on ur computer....easy? it will let eveyone on the web be able to click and see an enlarge image.
you are so talented...My favorite thing is ur self portrait because it looks so personal. its just a great compostion. I like it the best because its not a "stiff" self portrait. i like the relax casual feel it has. great job.