Saturday, August 11, 2007

It occurs to me that, in the course of blogging, I have compared:

(1) God to an artist, and
(2) artists to magicians, superheroes, and Tom Hanks.

I am either full of myself, or I just like to use my art as a metaphor to understand the inexplicable. Or both.

But there are greater questions at issue here.

I.e., does this mean that Tom Hanks is God?

Just a thought.

Friday, August 10, 2007

It turns out that Tampa Tribune writer Dave Simanoff attended the "Brazen Careerist" book-signing at Inkwood Books as well, and he heard me speak. He called me this week and asked if he could come to my studio and interview me for a story. It's mainly because I used to be an attorney.

See now, I knew going to law school would be good for something at some point....

Oh how I hated law.

Back when I worked at a law firm, and had to make the daily 7:30 am trek to my car, I seemed to share identical work hours with a girl who lived nearby, and we often waved to each other in that morning routine.

On the way to work one day, this acquaintance told me she worked in adoption, and she named the office: a corporate-looking place, located only two blocks away, that I'd passed every single day, for months.

Adoption. I immediately thought of, what else, pet adoption. A complete contrast to my own un-cuddly job. I said, with total sincerity: "How nice it must be, to work with animals."

Her eyes popped, her brows lowered, her mouth pursed. She glared at me. "I work,' she said cuttingly, "with CHILDREN!"

She stormed off before I could explain. And then she moved away. I love children. I do, really. Oh well... This is why I have to drink coffee in the morning.