Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Television Debut has occurred.

Well, at least it's been taped, and should air in a couple of weeks. I couldn't have done it all without my grandmother and my architect mom, Leigh Wilson.

Maybe other people would take a blase approach to making a television appearance---personally, I was a nervous wreck! I think I got three hours of sleep last night, then over-caffeinated myself with Starbucks.

Evidence of my crazed state: after three changes of clothing, I didn't even realize I was wearing green shoes with my red shirt.

I have no idea how the debut will turn out, because they still have to piece together all the photos and videotape and soundbites to make a cohesive narrative. While they were taping me, I actually thought we were doing a preliminary run-through! So wish me good luck!

Tomorrow I will be in Orlando on business, and then I am going to Key West for a brief vacation. To those who have e-mailed me with interest in commissions and/or classes, please know I will be in touch with you soon!

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